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Constructive and Destructive Aspect of Computer and Internet


computer-internet-100128-02With the drastic evolution of the technological world people are moving towards a completely different sphere where imagining life without computer and internet has become a nightmare. It’s not a mystery to anyone that how internet has made our life easy and convenient. Most of our daily activates, such as booking movie tickets, shopping, official work, studies, research and so on  are all facilitated by internet. In simple words we can say that every aspect of our life is somewhere linked with computer and internet. But as it is said that just life two phases of a coin along with the positive and helpful aspects even internet has some rising threats that constantly knock your computer.

Threats are not limited to only viruses but there are others threads as well such as cyber crime, internet scam or online fraud. Let’s take a look on some of the things that can help in protecting computers from deadly threats.

14310609-Antivirus-software-Symbol-Icon-Shield-Buckler-Stock-Vector-virusAnti Virus Software: There are some websites that are automatically linked with viruses. When users open any of those websites viruses immediately attack the computer. We all know that prevention is better than cure so instead of waiting for virus attack and then looking for solutions it is recommended that one should always install antivirus in their computers. Antivirus not only prevents entry of viruses but also kills the virus that is already present in the system.

maxresdefaultUse good Quality Pen drive or External hardware: One need to be very careful while using the external hardware such as pen drive, CDs, DVDs and hard disc and so on. This is so because such devices are highly prone to viruses and if used in computers can easily cause damage. Before using any external hardware one should ensure to scan the device first and then use or transfer data.

12e750dd-afb1-4e29-8f2a-0dd6cac9ede5Proper handling: Other than the internal or hardware threats, one used also need to be very careful while handling the system. One should be very careful while accessing some important or confidential information on the system. All the information should be password protected, which should not be shared with anyone. Leak of information can lead financial or any other loss. In fact, one of the most common forms of crime known as cyber crime is executed using internet. People who are not very careful about the security of their online personal details often become victim of cyber crime.         

Global-ComputerMisuse of Internet: Internet is used for gaining information and raising the knowledge bar but at the same time it can also be used for illegal or socially unaccepted activates. For instance, there are times when people search for different ways to open locks, execute criminal activates or hack mail ids/bank accounts and many more. This list is endless.

One should always look forward to use internet in a constructive way and not in a destructive way. For children’s and teen agers parents should keep a constant check on their use of internet and should not leave them to perform any suspicious activity.